Kate Kopf // Capstone

In a city, your stomping ground is anywhere you choose, but, my true stomping ground was always the small three block radius around my house. My childhood is full of memories from those few blocks so it only felt right to pay respect to it in my senior capstone. I wanted to not only say a final goodbye to where I grew up, but gather advice from the community I had been learning from since day one. After identifying my theme, a podcast seemed the best way to present the project. They not only act as the modern storyteller but are portable personal anecdotes that capture the organic voice of each subject. Even better, they can be listened to everywhere - especially walking through the very neighborhood my subjects spend their days.

That’s exactly how I imagine people listening to my final project - walking through my neighborhood, each house and episode holding a new story. I’ve learned a lot through this year in both technical aspects (editing audio, sharing podcasts, recording) and in storytelling (asking questions, casual interviewing, forming a narrative) but the lessons from my interviewees have been by far the most meaningful. I truly believe that each and every listener can benefit from what my neighborhood has to share. My short series covers ordinary people of my community but their lives and life advice are truly extraordinary. Each episode examines everything from The American Dream to the LGBTQ+ film industry and the monumental life lessons we can learn from it all. I’m Kate Kopf. Welcome to my Stomping Ground.

Podcast Available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Overcast, and Linked Below.