Keiasha Lumpkins

Something that surprised me most about this information is how different events during the corse of the time periods had affect the change in the immigration rate. Also, how the population growth had change. It seems as though what ever happened in America at the time that immigrations were coming, if something happened in America, the rate would drop. I realize that the obvious thing to the immigration rate problem was that every time something happened in America, it affected the rate.

The US presently is going through an economica problem. I wouldn't think that majority of immigrants would come to the US. It would be a increase from that last trend in the graph. It wouldn't. I do believe that the trend will increase dramatically over the next two decades because America might develope into a more powerful country than it ever was with technology and money. People would want to come here because of things like that. 

We came up with the decision for a board game because it would be something people would want to look at and catch their eye. Also, we represented the amount of immigration rate each year with an object to co-assign with the board game. It give the dates on each space and what happened through the corse of those dates. It was challenging to represent each date because we couldn't figure out how to represent the object we use for the numbers. We than decided to graph the object. It turned out to be successful in the end. 

The part of the work that was challenging was representing each dates because it was difficult to represent the numbers for the dates. Some of the problems we came was how to visualize the project.

What we would have done differently is try and make the numbers different on the project. Make it more clear than it is so people can understand it more. Over all I like the project.

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Symone Smith (Student 2013)
Symone Smith

I think the idea is very creative. I like how you guys included the graph in the middle of the board. Most of the words in each square are brief but there are a few that have long explanations. I would suggest shortening them a bit.