Keith Hodge Senior Art Q2 assignments


Well the first thing I created was the blind contour and that was very interesting to do because I watched the video and did it with my not so good eye so they would out of whack and shape. The 2nd thing we did was the color pencil technique and I really liked this one because I really followed step by step and mixed and matched with the colors which turned out really well. I really liked the color because it showed me that I can tone two color pencils and make two colors as well as one color has a light side as well as a dark side. With the self portrait in week 5 and 6 I almost have my head shape down but not quite maybe one more crack at it and I can get the shape of my head correct. The fruit color pencil drawing looked really good and I think I got better the more I did it. Lastly for week 9 and the blind drawings that got my imagination going because I made a hand playing a trumpet,Hungry man,bumper cars,a fish eating a fish eating bait and lastly squidward as Captain magma.