Keith Hodge Senior Art Q3 Assignment's

Well for week 1 through 2 I completed the water color assignment and this one was pretty cool because I learned some new methods for art and I used Sgraffito, Lifting off, Splatter, Flat wash, Straw blowing and Rubber cement and those were very interesting combining all those 6 together for a winter theme watercolor painting. Week 3 was the Metamorphosis Drawing when I drew a chicken turning into a bucket of fried chicken and I’m not really sure how I thought of this but I’m glad I did this picture and it turned out well. The week 4 and 5 collage was probably the most complex thing I drew all year because it took a ton of colored pencils but the finished product looked great. For week 6 and 7 for the mosaic it took some effort to do as well because I just finished it in time on the very last day, The week 8 coat of arms assignment was really cool because it took about a day to complete and I used flyers colors for it, The last assignment was the create your own piece of art for week 9 and I did a image of homer simpson choking bart but homer is in a flyer’s jersey and bart is in a penguins jersey so this piece I would say I am very proud of.