Keyaira Doughty English Process

Our group decided that we wanted to raise awareness about teen pregnancy in Philadelphia. We wanted to show how teen pregnancy is a big issue within the philadelphia communities. Teen pregnancy is a societal problem, personal problem, and family problem. 

My group members are Helen, Shannon, Jeffery, Micael R, and myself. When coming up with ideas on how to get our problem known and acknowledged around the school we wanted to see different ways that would not only be seen/ heard but be beneficial. When I was creating the posters my first thought was to post posters around the school with facts about teen pregnancy. Though knowing statics would be great we thought that they would be too boring for people to read. So we came up with the idea of posting different picture on a poster and then stating a quick sentence that would leave the readers with a quick thought.

We split our group into different sections that people will be in charged for. Helen, Shannon and I were in charge of creating/designing the posters that would be that hung up around the school. Jeffery is in charge of creating a twitter account in which he will post different topics, and facts about teen pregnancy and Jeffery was in charge of finding a website that resulted back to teen pregnancy and creating a QR code for it. 

When working with my group members about what would be in the poster seemed to be the most challenging aspect of our project. Finding away to be different, amusing, but serious was a little difficult for us to come up with. Although this part took us a day or too to work over, we finally came up with away that would be beneficial to our viewers. I enjoyed working with my group and I think we did a great job pulling everything together.