Keystone Monologue Project

What makes a good monologue.

  • Feeling/Emotion
  • Dialogue between you and others
  • A different point of view on things than the known
  • not force thoughts or opinion on onlookers
  • Natural way of speaking
  • One speaker
  • Unfolding/Developing monologue
  • Bias and prospective
  • Objects imaginary

My Name is KaBoni Bailey. I am a sophmore who has recently learned about keystone XL and we as a class are wrighting monologues to express our opinion on the matters at hand. We made monologues from different point of views to express the difference and forethought in many opinions and expressions. The monologues that you will read, will show a side from our personal to your mental. zyou will also witness videos of the monologues that you will read. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.


Name: Tamir Ma’ar

Setting: From libya, came to America in 2008. He is at home with his wife, talking about pipeline that he works at/to self.

Objects: Grill cheese, child.

“ Yea sweetie, yea. uhh,  No, no I wan’t the grilled cheese like my little soldier here. Yea the craft, babe. The Cheese babe.  Ok, Ok. So, you want to hear about daddies day at work? Well, you already know I work for the pipe place right? (wait) Yea, the pipeline co.  no, ‘Co’ stands for ‘company’ honey. uhh, No ‘co’ doesn’t stand for Corporate office. Wait, Babe, does ‘co’ Stand for ‘Corporate office’? Well i guess no one will know then. Anyway sweetie, heres what i do, you ready? I uhh, go to work right, ok, now heres the real kicker, I mop the floors! Isn’t that nice honey? No. Well, thats why mommy put that dollar under your pillow last week when you lost your tooth, huh. No Babe! She’s to old for that now anyhow. Six is too old babe! Anyway, the people, huh, there’re making an uhhh, stop crying and listen to daddy complain please honey. OK, So they’re making a pipe that will go all over the US to give us oil. But i don’t like it. It has to many bad things. First if all, it looks U-gly (uge - ley) The people making it don’t care about anything other than the money they’ll be making and . . . Fine, if you want to cry, go and watch some tv. Some spongebob hon, i think the bubble episode is on. Uhh, thanks for the grilled cheese babe. As i was telling our little soldier over there, the bosses only care about their paycheck and not about the environment they harm. What do i mean? I’ll tell you what i mean. The pipeline would add two mega . . . megatron? (Pause) No a Gigaton! Yea, gigaton of Carbon dioxide into the air. Yea babe, a Gigaton, Thats like a gig---and a ton of gas, you know. times two. Yes i know what i’m talking about, I work there for Allah’s sake. listen, anyway, this thing is going to kill our earth in little to no time. (Pause) What!! I know You! You care enough to listen, you don’t love me! Go and walk away then, like you always do! No you don’t! (Mumble) Whatever. ( talking to self) But, what i really want to do is try to stop their production. Yea, stop it, as in sabotage the boiler room and watch it explode! I have access, I could just turn up the thermostat and turn off the cooling valves and wait a week then, BOOM, goodbye mops. I’m serious though. (Pause) I mean, i wouldn’t go that far; just far enough to make my job easier but this job pays well. I need the money. And I don’t think Obama Cares that much, the paper said (Sarcastically), ‘Obama Should approve the pipeline.’ But in another paper it said, ‘ Obama most Definitely not approve keystone XL’, I Guess ‘most definitely’ beats ‘should’, huh. Anyway i want, no no, i WISH that I could stop them, but what am i going to do against a whole company?”


  • Clarity with characters

+Good setting/easily relatable.


- Make transitions between dialogue smoother

- Make it more relaxed/Emotion*

  • Add on to emotions/More interpretation on job and feeling.
  • Add opinion to other characters

Monologue 2

Name: Artemis Fowl 

Setting: On a Playdate, talking to other child about the gasses and asthma. (Thoughtful and very smart child). The other child has little to no recognition of the current situation. He’s rich. 

obj: Doll, Monster truck,,   

“ Your hair looks better. Yea, No. Hand me that Monsta truck over there. No the red one please, thanks. why do you girls play with dolls all the time? Isn’t 10 too old to play with dolls? I  guess ten years old is too old to play with monsta trucks too, huh? So, my mommy and daddy were talking about, about a pipe. No a pipe. A pipe! A PIPE, like . . . the potty; pipe. Yea, well it goes ALL around the world..  (Pause)   I know thats a lot. (Pause) Well I looked it up on my iphone. (pause)  Google. (Pause) Cause we’re rich. So, the pipe makes stuff for the stuff, then brings it here; but the bad part is that  i’ll have to use my inhaler more, daddy said. (Pause) The asthma doesn’t bother as much as it did when i was little, but it still happens a lot. mommy and daddy say it’s from other cars. I don’t think it comes from our hovercraft, It uses water, i think. Anyway, hows home? (Pause at every question) How are you feeling, is the stuff working? Thats better than last time, i’m . . . i’m proud of you. How are your Mommy and daddy feeling about it? Still crying? Well, where does cancer come from? It’s just there? Maybe it comes from cars and stuff, like my asthma. I guess that it comes from gas, like carbon-drain-oxide. I don’t like gas that much. I love passing it but getting it is--(shakes head). (exited) I like to play soccer and baseball. And I LOVE to play tag. (Serious/sad) But, then i loose my breath sometimes and i can’t play anymore. Why do people make things that are bad for kids, like bad stuff for my asthma and give you cancer? Do they hate us? Yea, i guess you’re right. Well look, we both have problems but for now, we’re kids, so lets just play with these monsta trucks and your (makes nasty face) Barbies. So . . . lets, enjoy the, the umm, little time we have left. . .

Monologue 3

Name: Sanyika Shakur, a.k.a “Monster” Kody Scott

Setting: A ex-O.G Crip legend in soldiery confinement speaks on the newly heard news of the pipeline. He has the wisdom of moses yet the youth of a 27 year old. He at an interview when he is talking, dateline NBC. 

Objects: Reporter, bed, 

“ . . . What i meant is that you’ll get use to it sooner or later, and that makes the process much easier. (Pause) The first couple times that you’re in here, unless you know some homeboys, then you could be good depending if they somebody’s bitch or not. (Pause) No, (Stand up Half-angry) I don’t hear no politics or news in here, this is solitary confinement, I get a hour of walkin’ a day hoe. (Sits back down) (4second pause) From the last time i was out, four years ago, i was learning about stuff like that: Ozin layer and atmosphere and gases and things. They’re too bad for people nowadays. (Stand up, pacing) Back in 81’, when i did my bid, i heard about things heating up the earth, and i was like, ‘What’, that don’t make any sense. How can can cars and boats make the world hotter. Bad bitches make the world hotter!’  Now that i Know its real, it’s almost like, how the hell can a little heat kill everyone. But that shit ain’t no joke. In, what; a couple hundred years the world isn’t going to be here right? (Stops pacing, Pause for short answer) Something like that. But, my two daughters are going to grow up in a fog inhabited world, and how will i feel when i have to tell them, daddy and his generation did this? (Sits) And we barely hear about anything in here, so if, lets say a big ass pipe was to go all around the world for oil or diamonds or bitches or something, and it let out so much gas that my kids died years later. Or diseases are formed from the amount of heat or gas. That hurts. (Pause for question) What, Wow! I swear to god i didn’t know. Thats crazy. But all non-the-less that just proves my thought to be fact. I have connections to the outside that can rely on, so maybe i’ll look more into that and see if and/or i can do anything from this shit hole . . .”