Keystone Pipeline Monologue Project

​In this assignment we were asked to write monologues for history class about the Keystone XL pipeline. I chose to approach this projects by writing my monologues about peoples point of views of the pipeline. One fact I learned that it might destroy our planet

Beginning Of The Days by Pierce Meier

My Land

(sits outside with his friend sitting on a chair)
Hey danny? did you hear about some pipe that they going thought here. they said its going to go to a company south for oil. some of the pipe is going thought my land but i think its not fair that they get my land. Sell it! no This will not be there as long as charile johnson is here. Yes I will never give up my land for nothing. Well I got to answer this phone. Hello? Yes Brought in the crops for today we are having turkey tonight. yea ok see you tonight. sorry about that. what? no im not going to sell anything what are you a sellsmen now if you dont mind I have to get dinner ready ok bye.
A Day at the Office

Hello? no you hes not here please hold. hello? yes I will tell him that please hold. Hello? no please hold. when will this day end. hello? No like ive told you for the 50th time no we are not a fastfood restrunt I work for thw white house not a restrunt bye. why wont he understand. I DONT SERVER ANY FOOD YOU SDPIT IDOUT. mom! sorry with crazy people just phoneing asking about restrunts and that crap sorry about that. no im find. vacation? i wish i have not taking a vacation in two years. hold on got anthor call. Hello? you want the president to hear ok ill do that what do you want to tell? about the keynote pipe line. ok I understand you consered ok I will tell him ok bye. To think i get payed 7$ an hour just to just anwer calls well if he want to talk with the presdent talk to someone higher than me well back to work.

Lets Get Started

Sir, I think we are a go to clear the trees. yes no one is in the area ,yep alright. (gets in the bulldoser) all right lets start the show. (radio rings) yea? we got protesters a head. well just get them out of the way. (stops at postesters blockcade) Oh come on! (picks up radio) I told you to get the protesters out of the way! call the police to remove them! (puts down the radio) man my job makes it hard with people blooking my way!