Keystone Pipeline Monologue project (Stephen)

In my project I wrote my 5 monologues in the perspective of 5 different people and how building the Keystone Pipeline would affect them. The Keystone Pipeline is going to be used to carry oil from Canada to Texas. It's causing much controversy between because some people want the pipeline to be built because it could help the economy, but others don't want that pipeline to be built because it could damage the environment. I learned how much building the pipeline would affect people’s lives for the good and the bad. The 5 monologues were in the perspective of a Polar Bear, a construction worker, Texas resident, the president, and the Earth. The most affected out of my monologues is probably the Polar Bears. The keystone pipeline could potentially kill a lot of polar bears and I feel like it was my best one. I hope you enjoy all of my pieces.

Monologue #1

                              Am I making the right decision?

Waking up on this bitter morning, only thing on my mind is guilt. I feel guilty because I have to support my family but by doing so I am also messing up the environment. As a walk into the kitchen, (walks in the kitchen) I see my daughters bright smiling face. I think about her future and what she will grow to be. Am I making the right choice for their future? Or am I slowly destroying it. The choices I make now, depends on her future.
As I’m leaving out the door (heads towards the door) for work, my daughter says “I love you daddy.” Hearing those words are the best feeling in the world.
As I arrive at the construction sight, (walking to my station) I see the exhausted faces of the other men and women here to work on the pipeline. The same thing is running through out my mind that I woke up thinking about. I try not to think about it, but it keeps crossing my mind.
I ask myself, Is this what I should be doing? Is there another way I could support my family? These questions disrupt me every time I come to work. And they always will, I guess until I confront them. But until then, I have to get back to supporting my family.

Monologue #2
                         Does my future depend on the humans?

(Angry, grouchy) They can’t approve this. They can’t. Global warming is already affecting my family and I. My ignorant wife wants this pipeline plan to go through “it’s good for the economy it will help everyone!” “Not for us dumbass! You think they’re going to send any of that money down here to the ice caps?”. Then she gets an attitude for the rest of the night. (calming down) I shrug it off she’ll get over it by the morning. I wish she would sit down with me and absorb the information that the world news is giving to us. I don’t want to the bad guy but look at the news for god’s sake! We’re not a priority to them anymore. Ever since this global warming issue started to rise the whole neighborhood has been affected. I lost my brother Albert to global warming last year. He tragically drowned. We’re all suffering help us Lord! Food is scarce nowadays, we need some food on the shelf. I swam for an hour looking for food for my family. Some homes are falling off. Literally. (hopelessly speaking ) I go outside and look at the northern lights to look for an answer from god to my prayers to no prevail. I’m outraged, scared, and depressed, (Anxiously) I feel like I’m having a panic attack. What do I do? What can I do? Where do I turn? I’m trying to save my family. I go back inside and then a possible solution hit me! I suggest to my wife maybe we can get taken to the zoo and be saved! I heard in the Philadelphia Zoo they take great care of our kind. I heard they give all inhabitants a stable environment with your own living space and with a pool. “Sounds good right?... What do you mean that’s stupid?... At least I’m throwing out ideas, what are you doing to help?... Yeah that’s what I thought just walk away from your problems forever right?”. “She infuriates me!”... Aww what am I saying?... Everyone in the North Pole is trying to make it to the zoo to save their skins and the odds are horribly against me. I go the living room and sit in my favorite chair to keep myself updated on the pipeline. The Americans have already done their part in contributing to global warming which releases deadly greenhouse gases, melt the polar ice caps and raise sea levels, and these are just some of the effects that global warming has on the world. What am I supposed tell my son and daughter when they ask “what’s happening to our everyone’s homes Daddy?” I must lie through my teeth to protect their innocent hearts and tell them “everything’s alright” knowing that it’s only a matter of time before it’s all over. I pray everyday that they don’t approve this pipeline my home is already in danger and this pipeline will only speed up the process. They’re building it to save a couple jobs. How about you save a thousand lives! If they decide to do the right thing and say no to the pipeline we all could be saved. These days I pray, stay humble and live life day by day and spend time with my family because I know that our days together are numbered if they approve the pipeline. If I’m going to die let me die with my loved ones facing death on.

Monologue #3
                                    Making a change

As I stand upon this stage this morning, (holding microphone)  speaking to you all, one thing is running through my mind. Did they ever think how it could affect me? My neighbors? My family? All the people that call this place their home. My home, Texas. The people at TransCanada really don’t care about the well being of us citizens. They only care about the money. Their greed disgusts me. They think of us like were not humans too. We all share this earth we live on
I’d never thought in a million years that the government would allow something like this to even happen. It’s destroying not only the land but the lives of thousands of people. Their homes, their families, everything. Living around the fumes that are coming from the construction are deadly. The fumes and gases could make someone extremely sick or even kill somebody that inhales the gases and fumes everyday.
Where do they expect us to go? What do they expect we the people of America to do? Just back down from it all? We have to fight for what we believe in. Hopefully the president will see our cries for help and not approve this pipeline to be built.
(Raises fist) It’s up to us to make a change in this world. To stand up and never give up no matter how hard times get. It’s on us to make this change.

Monologue # 4

                                  Living on this earth

I can’t believe this are they serious? I’m the only thing these filthy humans have for a home. (starts to grow angry) I’m irreplaceable! What other planet can take you in and take care of you like I can? Yeah I thought so none of them. I’m being taken advantage of every second of the day. These filthy heathens are either littering their cans, paper bags, or they’re releasing CO2 driving their cars and their buses. I mean c’mon show some respect! 4.6 billion years. 4.6 billion years I’ve supported every species that ever existed on this planet and I’ve always been happy to help. Giving them the gift of life, the ability to grow and prosper and this is how you repay me!? I’ve watched the human’s grow and evolve from apes to the prime human race. I’ve let you all live here on me for free and have never asked for anything in return. (in a heartbroken voice) Until now. I’ve been slowly killed off for years now and now the only thing I ask is that you repay me by not building this keystone pipeline. Do you not appreciate me? By building this pipeline the leaks will damage my clean waters, and infect my airs with dirty tar sand oils. I pray the humans learn the mistakes of their ways and start to appreciate what they have before it’s gone. Before we’re all gone. We only have but so much longer to live. All of you already leaked in my fresh waters before. Here’s some numbers for you BP leaked 3,850 square miles worth of oil and 4,768 animals were also killed in the spill. If we continue on the same path that we are headed down, no one will be able to survive and breathe this air we have been polluting for so long. I sometimes ask myself, how are these humans still living on earth? I’ve been trying to keep things on earth better for humans well being for 4,600,000,000 years. And I feel like by polluting the air and building this new pipeline that runs from Canada through Texas will only make things worse for everyone. It won’t be easy for me or them to stay healthy.(Deep breath)  But what can I do? I’ve tried everything possible. You know the difference between right and wrong but when it’s comes down to it, it’s on you humans to step up and change the outcome this world will have.

                            Am I the right president for america?

As I sit at my desk I think to myself, am I really the right president for this term? Am I prepared to lead this country another four years? There’s so much pressure on me. I have to appeal to the american citizens and show them that I’m the man with the plan. Time for change. It’s time for change. I’ve been extreme progress for four years now, and the republicans still don’t give me the credit I deserve on helping the economy and health care. Can I make a difference for four more years as president?
(takes deep breath) There’s a controversy going around the world about this keystone pipeline plan that wants to be built for oil to travel faster throughout the United States. The pipeline is 1700 miles from Canada to Texas. It has some great positives and some devastating cons. This pipeline will create 20,00 jobs for the unemployed, but it was also destroy the environment. The pipeline will create more ghastly greenhouse gases but safer and more efficient way to transport oil throughout out the United States. But also the economy is already in debt and this pipeline will cost 7 billion dollars to build. But then again it provides a lot of cheap abundant energy for Americans. As the president, I have to make a very tough decision on whether or not to approve this pipeline from being built. Will this be the right choice for families all around america? They depend on me. It will help the economy everywhere but what about those people whose homes run near the pipeline. It’s almost guaranteed to have a leak and ruin the soil. When the soil is ruined there will be no way for those inhabitants to grow their crops. It’s up to me to make the right choice, but what if I end up making the wrong one? (takes another deep breath) I guess only time can tell.

Appendix: The pipeline would carry oil throughout the U.S from Canada to Texas (1700 miles). Also the pipeline would cost 7 billion dollars, but it would carry 800,000 barrels of oil a day and it would create thousands of jobs. It’s way cheaper than getting oil from foreign countries when we can get it from an ally. The oil that’s being transported is extremely dirty, it called tar sands oil. The pipeline has a good chance of leaking and having an oil spill. If that happens it will damage the environment.

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