Keystone Pipeline Monologues


            In the past few weeks, in my history class, I have been researching about the Keystone XL Pipeline. With our research we were told to create three monologues from different perspectives and make a video of one of the monologues. My first monologue was from the oils point of view. Its shows how the oil actually wants the pipeline production to happen and that the oli is really excited about it. My second monologue is from the point of view of mother earth. She shows how the Pipeline is hurting her badly. And lastly my third monologue is from the point of view of a farmer in Nebraska. It shows how the pipeline production will affect the Ogallala aquifer and that this should not happen in Nebraska. I did my video from the farmers point of view. Enjoy. 

First Monologue: Life as oil.

(The actor is lying down, in a dark room, which will be the pipe. The actor should be wear all black, which will look like the color of oil.)
(Should be happy and smiley) This is such a great idea.
(Shout it out) I wish those moving things up there could hear me. Hey pipe, what do you think about this? Are you even listening to me?
(Happy and calm) Anyway, I’m just amazed by the transformation I went through. I was first under Canada’s Boreal forest as tar sand, now as oil and then will be formed to be transportation fuel. When I am brought it will be cheap and reliable energy. While they are building this, they get more jobs that help them earn money to buy me. They also need money to buy you pipe.
(Really, really happy) Just thinking about it makes me so happy. I get to help those that need me. I get used for so many things all the time.
(Has a straight face and feels a bit bad) I might have done some harm around here, such as the extraction and production of this causes three times more carbon dioxide than average oil consumptions in United States. But there is a good side to all this and I’m being used for so many good things. I get to make those things up there happy and help them. (Smiles and fades away)

Second Monologue: Stop killing me!!!!

(Sounds of machines and drillers) This whole Tar sand production is killing me! All the carbon dioxide is affecting the air in which the people breathe in. This high amount of carbon dioxide is making it harder to get the sunlight, from you sun. The project is also affecting the personal areas of the people’s homes.
(Calm) If this continues to happen it will affect even more things and put me in real danger. I might not be alive anymore for these people to live on me.
(It begins to rain) If only the creators of this project would understand that.
(Still raining) It might be helping in one-way such as transportation, food, running people’s homes and other stuff. But this is harming in many other ways such as global warming, polluting the air and leaking into the water. There are better ways in which they can get oil. I just think they should not continue on with this.
(Shouts out, which is sound of thunder) And sun, I think you should be on my side and give me some support.

Third Monologue: STOP THIS!!!

(The background should seem like a farm or could just be sitting in a room.)
(Seem sad) I am a farmer in Nebraska. Home to one of the largest aquifer in the world, the Ogallala aquifer which lies here provides so much water for crops in the United States. By building the pipeline here, I think that it will destroy the resource. The Ogallala aquifer is not that deep in the ground but very close to the surface, so by having the pipeline built 4 feet deep in the ground it might actually be in the aquifer and destroy the water resource.
(Straight face) TransCanada should get their oil from a better place because Tar Sands is 16 times much worse than actual oil; it creates 3 times more Carbon Dioxide and might also have many leaks. So Tar sand oil is just dirtier than actual oil. If TransCanada builds this pipeline in Nebraska without Nebraska's agreement then it would actually be a violation of states rights. This pipeline will destroy personal properties and disturb so many landowners. TransCanada could build this somewhere else but just not here.


U.S needs oil that is cheap and reliable, so why not get it from a friend rather than be dependent elsewhere. (PBSNewshour)

While building the pipeline, it will create more job opportunities. (PBSNewshour)

The pipeline runs across one of the largest aquifers in the world. (PBSNewshour)

Tar Sands are sixteen time much worse then actual oil. (Friends of the earth: Tar Sands)

Tar sand is the dirtiest oil in the world. (Canadian Broadcast Corporation: Keystone Pipeline) 


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