Keystone Pipeline Monologues

Part I:

The Keystone Pipeline is a project in which Trans Canada has been working on for months. The pipeline will carry oil all the way from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and will create many new jobs and boost the economy. It is an idea to make oil more efficient and transportable to places all over the US. Although, there are some problems slowing down production when it comes to actually building the pipeline.

Part II:

-The pipeline runs from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico

-Its proposed for 7 million dollars

-It makes oil more efficient

-It's owned by Trans-Canada

-830,000 barrels of oil per day.

Part III

Monologue #1

(Husband sitting at the dinner table with his wife.) Sweetie pass the mashed potatoes please, thank you. How was your day? Mine was swell I guess. Can I have the salt? Thanks. (Fidgets with salt shaker.) Me? No, no i’m fine. I’m just.. I dunno, I think i’m just a little frustrated. Nothings wrong with me, but I need to tell you somethin’ thats buggin’ me. I was watching the news today.. you know bout the, uhh, what’s it called.. Keystone pipeline thing? Okay, promise now to throw a fit? Because I know you will. Well the pipeline is gonna run through our farm, I just found out today. Why would I be joking? They are making us tear down our shed for the pipeline can run through.. Why the hell is this my fault?! It’s not like I built the damn thing. It’s running from Canada all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s gonna pass through here. Well what am I supposed to do? Go to the big man and protest like a teenage rebel? Just cause i’m the man of the house doesn’t mean I gotta do everything thats hard by myself in this fricken house. Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and do it yourself. What? I can’t just stand here and do nothing. I don’t do anything?! You know what hun, i’m not feeling very hungry. Yeah, yeah whatever. Don’t expect me to clean up your shit.

Monologue #2

(Keystone Pipeline talking to itself.) Why do I get the feeling like i’m in everybody’s way? I mean, it’s not like I chose to be built, or run through anyone’s property, or cause any sort of damage in that case. Am I for better or for worse? I feel like unnecessary and problematic. Although, i’m getting oil to the right places, and faster too! They’re plenty of good things that will happen when i’m finished being built. But.. wait.. am I killing the environment? No of course not i’m helping it.. I think. If I we’re to just hear what people think about me I would feel a lot better. Although, I can hear them talking about me while they’re building me, some are negative, some are positive, which is why I do not know what I truly am? A burden? Or a gift? Maybe i’m just another issue, another issue that the States have to deal with. Or.. maybe i’m a another gift! A gift to the American people. Man, I dont even know anymore. My

Monologue #3

(Teacher starting class) Hi everyone, how was your guy’s weekends? Thats good, what’d you guys do? I guess thats more than I can say I did (chuckles). Just by a show of hands, how many of you are familiar with the Keystone Pipeline? Everyone make sure you can see the screen i’m going to show you a quick video on the Pipeline. (Video played.) So as you guys can see the Keystone Pipeline is gonna be fairly hazardous to Earth’s environment. Oil adds more pollution. Well yes, we have some extra access to it, nothing more. It’s just another problem we have to deal with. Any show of hands to give their opinion on what we just watched? Yes, Joshua. Umm.. I guess in a way thats correct, but the Pipeline still carries more.. uhh.. bad oil?.. Yeah.. yes? Yes Steve would you like to say something?  I'm not making it look bad (chuckles) Maybe i'll just show this to you tomorrow..

*video is still uploading*