Keystone XL Pipeline

For our world history class we had to wright 3 monologues if we work alone and 5 monologues if we work with a partner. Our History teacher Mr.Block Told us to wright about the Keystone Pipeline and what other people from different state and cities would say about this Pipeline. Hope you enjoy it!.


No...Noooo.. My dad just got notice this morning from the government to leave our house because they putting some pipeline here in my house. Is thats the pipeline my history teacher was talking about?. Thats made me go back to the day when we was learning about the “Keystone Pipeline”. In my history class when my teacher told us about the Keystone Pipeline and all my classmates and I start wondering what this pipeline is about. We were about to ask the teacher, when he told us to watch the video describing the details. This is the coolest thing I ever saw- wow, pipeline start from Canada and through United States. Then when we start going deep into the video we realize that keystone pipeline is a ridiculous idea because it not only bad for our land its also going to affect our environment, And now I have no house. Thats is why i am here with you guys to stop this pipeline to save my house and our environment. All want you guys to do is be with me and help me to stop the pipeline.


I am a owner of corner store in texas and when i was watching the news this morning and i heard that some kind of Pipeline for oil are starting from canada through the united state and going to ends at texas. This pipeline might take place in my town,neighborhood or even in my store. Doesn’t matter where this pipeline going to take place it will destroy everything and it will make difficulties for our next generation to leave. This is ridiculous “Why” we need this pipeline?. Why can't we live the way we usually live. why?


Buzzz....Buzzzz......Buzzz Hello who is this? Hi I am Steve Calling from the National Oil Corporation. I was wondering what do i think about Keystone what? pipeline? What about it?. I am just going to take one minute for you to talk about the Keystone pipeline starting from canada and all the way through United stade. The keystone XL pipeline connecting us to Canada’s booming oil shale production the pipeline will bring so much bad oil from canada that will affect our environment. So What do you think about the pipeline Ms?. wow-cool I am sorry i have to go to work so can you please call letter when my husband is here.