Keystone XL Pipeline Monologue: Project

My Streams first unit  in Mr. Block’s 10th grade WH( World History) class, we were to explore the pros and cons of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline is a pipeline that has been proposed to the U.S by TransCanada to carry about 1,179 miles of tar sands oil from Canada all the way down to the gulf of Mexico. This proposed pipeline has been a big part of the news for a few years now. In this unit we have put ourselves in the place of the people that see this pipeline to have a major effect on their everyday lives.


The $5.3-billion Keystone XL Pipeline Project is the largest infrastructure project currently proposed in the United States. Construction of the 1,179-mile pipeline will require 9,000 skilled American workers. The project will provide jobs for welders, mechanics, electricians, pipefitters, laborers, safety coordinators, heavy equipment operators and other workers who rely on large construction projects for their livelihoods. -

( What if it leaks)

While we must emphasize that a significant spill is unlikely, we must also be prepared for any potential circumstance. It’s important to understand that if a spill does occur, TransCanada is responsible for providing the cleanup expertise, equipment and personnel needed to reclaim a site to its pre-spill condition. -

( Who will be responsible)

‘’Canada is the environmentally responsible choice for the United States to meet its energy needs for years to come,” -

(Who’s Safest?)

Each day in the U.S. more than 2.5 million miles of pipelines move oil and other energy products safely to where they are needed — that’s enough pipe to circle the Earth 100 times. In fact the U.S. Department of Transportation has stated that pipelines are the safest method of moving oil — safer than tankers, trucks or rail.-

Grocery Stop.

Wife: Hey, umm can you point me to the white bread? ( wife runs) (store alarms go off)

Wife: (Silence)... sir please do not do this… I will give it back…I need to take care of my children… Please sir … Please...( starts to whimper)

( Sirens go off )

( Jail doors close )

Wife: All I do is try.. I try but can never succeed in what I do. Being a stay at home has not been as good as the rich people make it look. My husband can not do this all alone… He is constantly losing his jobs because of his pride.

Wife: no we have six kids 4 girls 2 boys miss.

Wife : And who are you?

Wife: What are you here for?

Wife: Maybe I shouldn't have asked that…Sorry… It's Sam correct?

Wife: Okay no more questions sorry.

Wife: But on with my husband… Do you have a husband… Sorry you don't need to answer that question… My husband though umm he is a great man that tries his hardest to take care of his family, he can get a little aggressive at times but I have to just calm him down a little… maybe a lot but thats not the point. He is a  great man.

Wife: There is this new job opportunity for my husband that I pray to god becomes available to him it could definitely help us get out of debt and feed our kids… I'm afraid that if he does not… He might hurt me and our kids. The plan is for him to work with the Keystone XL Pipeline that is to be built underground to carry oil through the U.S. It will be carrying what I believe is called tar sand oil...Yes its a bad kind oil but his boss promises that it will be watched over and controlled by professionals like my husband 24/7 365 days a year. Should pay very well too.

Wife: Sorry wish I could tell you more but... bail is here have a BLESSED day & stay out of this place… don't give the government more of a reason to want us blacks off the street.

Work at it's best.

Bill: Miss...Miss!

Police cars pull up

Bill: Drop the items & hands up behind your head where I can see them. ( officer starts to arrest woman)

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law you have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind do you wish to speak to me?

( after a long day of work police officer bill rants to his wife Jennifer )

Bill: Jennifer hunny do you know that I love you. You are just so beautiful. I could swear I have the best wife the lord could ever make. Could you… you know give me a little massage here… a little down there and right here. Mmmmmm yeah... right there yeah you gotta know that yes you are awesome. How was my day? My day was a typical day on the job, giving people the same old same old speech about there right i swear they should have some sort of recording in our badges we could just push while we are in the process of the arrest. I mean look around there is all kinds of technology now a days you can basically do anything… Speaking of technology There was a major protest today that got a little out of hand. Ya heard about it? Yeah... yeah that one about that Keystone pipeline junk. Well today I had to take a lady elsewhere and as I was doing so she was explaining to me how bad of an idea this is and I learned a little something something about the XL crap. Jenn listen hun turns out those Canadians wanna build through our land and offer up over 20,000 construction jobs. Lord knows we need this for our country but why do they wanna do this to us? Why not send the pipeline up into Asia? Help them expand a little. Maybe they have some tricks up their sleeves? What do you think about it jenn? Why should it be good? Whatever I could care less I have a stable job. as long as canada doesn't have some crazy plan to blow up the U.S… I could care less about this stupid 1,700 mile long oil straw. What’s for dinner hun?