Keystone XL Pipeline Monologue Project


For our History Class in Science Leadership Academy, we had to write monologues as to why the Keystone XL Pipeline should or should not be built, or if someone is torn between wanting the pipeline to be built or not. We had to have facts and opinions in our monologues, and we had to make sure that the monologues made sense. My monologues are about why the Keystone XL Pipeline should be built, and that is my first one. My second one is about a man who doesn't know if he wants the pipeline to be built or not, and the last one is about a woman that wants the pipeline to be built, and she explains why it should be built. While working on this project a learned a lot of good and bad things about the pipeline. One good thing is that it will make more jobs available, and one bad thing is that people will have to give up their houses and their land for the pipeline to be built. We worked very hard on these projects, and we learned a lot about the Keystone Pipeline.

Monologue 1

(In the classroom walking around the desks, and explaining to her kids why the Keystone Pipeline shouldn’t be built.)

The Keystone Pipeline is meant to carry oil from Canada all the way down through Texas. It will go through six states, and it will destroy our environment. If this pipeline is built, people’s homes and land will be destroyed. There is a quote from, and it says, “Daryl braves fire and Keystone XL machinery to defend Eleanor’s farm.” This is only one reason that I am strongly against this pipeline. The people that run this are going to destroy our land and our homes. They could possibly make our water polluted, and we won’t be able to drink it. It will also make us not be able to grow crops, so we will have less food, and they don’t care because they still want to do that. I don’t know how your parents feel about the pipeline, but in my opinion everyone should be against it. Also, Obama claims that he is all about the people of the U.S.A., but if he approves of the pipeline, people will lose a lot, and if the pipe had a crack and the oil leaked that is very hazardous, and people could die.

Monologue 2

(Matthew Morris is sitting in his little cubicle at work, thinking to himself if he should leave his job to work with the pipeline, or if he should stay at his job. He has been hearing good and bad things about the pipeline.)

I don’t know what to do. I feel like I need more money, but at the same time if I will only be employed for five years, and I can’t get my job back here, then I will be unemployed and with this society it will be so hard to find another job. I need the money to help my family, but if I lose my job then my family income will be even worse than it already is. My wife isn’t working, because she stays at home with the children. The children have to go to public school, which isn’t so good, because we don’t have the money to pay for a good private school. We barely even have enough money for food.  I’ve heard good and bad things about the pipeline, so I looked on the internet. The internet also has good and bad things. I don’t know what to believe, or which side to take. I’m confused. Some people I know are all for the pipeline, but others are totally against it. I don’t know if I’m for or against the pipeline because I really need this job. I’ve heard that it will run through people’s home and land, so they will lose their houses and have to move. They will probably get paid for their houses and land, but not as much as it would sell for on the market. The government is probably going to approve of the pipeline, but I don’t know if I do after hearing all of the negative things about it. I’ve heard more negative than positive on this topic, and it makes me wonder if I should just leave it alone and stay at the job I have now. I’m just very confused but angry at the same time.

Monologue 3

(Sitting at her desk at her job as a lawyer, Christina Gibbs is typing about her feelings about the Keystone Pipeline and why it should be approved.)

“I am strongly for the Keystone Pipeline. I feel as though it will make the U.S.A. a better country all together. Also, instead of having to get as much oil as we do now from our enemy countries, we can get it from our allies. Also, the people that are going to be hired are going to go through training to learn how to weld the pipeline, so it isn’t like they aren’t learning how to make the pipeline. I also think this is a big step towards American independence because we are so dependent on the Middle East for oil, but if we get the pipeline we won’t have to be dependent of anyone. Also, she thinks everything will be better for the U.S. because we won’t have to associate with the countries that we hate, and that hate us. I feel as though the U.S.A. is independent in every other type of way except oil. If we got independent from other countries for oil, we would probably be the most independent country in the world.”

- the Keystone XL Pipeline will make a lot of jobs available to people.
- if the pipeline leaks, it could pollute the water in the ground, and it could make the crops that people grow unhealthy to eat.
- If people get jobs helping make the pipeline they will only be employed for a few years. 
- If the pipeline is built, a lot of people will have to move out of their houses, and off of their property.
- If the pipeline is built, the people that will be hired are going to be trained on how to weld the pipes together.
- If the pipeline is approved, then we will have to get less oil from the Middle East. 

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