Kielar Me slide

Untitled presentation

This one slide shows all the things about me and what had inspired me. I had began making this slide by adding a large title in order to get the reader’s attention. The title tells you what the slide is and explains that this entire slide is about me, Kamil Kielar. When learning about making slides it was explained that the slides must be very visual in order to be noticed by others better so in order to do this I had added countless pictures. Also the colors chosen for this slide where very bright and go well with each other giving the slide a theme. Contrast had also played a very important role in my slide. Every color way mostly light except for the big picture in the middle. It allows the reader to pay attention to this picture allowing them perceive it as more important. Last I had used size variation in my pictures to show the readers which things are more essential to my personality.

The things I had put in my slide show the stuff that is most important to me and past memories that have stayed with me for all these years. The first picture to the left shows my nationality and where I had come from. I was born in Poland and speak the language every single day. This is one of the most important thing in my life. Next is the big A right under thing the flag. For my entire life my parents have pushed me to my limits and all my life teachers had always expected more from me. Academics has always been an important part of my life. Through my academic I hope to go to MIT or some other good college. Out of all the memories I remember the biggest one I think is my car crash. I was in a big accident where my entire car had flipped over but luckily no one was hurt. Then is one of my favorite shows is Two and a Half Men. I like to watch this show and find it very entertaining. Last is one of my favorite quotes. This quote has defined me as a person and changed my future.