Kimberly Cayamcela's Philly Love Note

Name: Kimberly Cayamcela
Years in Philadelphia: 3
Neighborhood: Mayfair
Address: Torresdale Ave. 

I am an eighteen year old high school student who attends Science Leadership Academy. I have moved to North East Philadelphia in the year of 2010 from Warminster, PA. I appreciate music as well as my guitar, Ruby. I'm a recent owner of a lovely pup named Rosie. Peace, love, and music is my everyday motto. 

Dearest Philadelphia, 

From the biggest city in the world, to the suburbs of Pennsylvania, to the city of brotherly love. As I set foot upon your lands I couldn't help myself but to compare you to the other lands I've called home. Unknown places, unknown people, unknown cultures, and an unknown persona. It took me some time. Time to allow myself to call you home. I discovered South Street last summer and began to visit often. Unique stores, unique personalities. My favorite store to enter is The Philly Aids Thrift Store. And as I walk on South Street, I love to observe the different cultures that come together to visit the same place. Though I live in the North East part of you and there's not much activities to do as there is in the city, I now call you home. 

Sincerely, Kimberly Cayamcela