Kimberly Gucciardi Kriegh Reflection

1) Today in class we watched a very informative and emotional video about Jack. Jack has been bullied in and out of school. The most important message of the video is to really speak up and if you don't you are just making the situation worse. The video was very relevant especially when the bullying began to follow Jack home through cyber bullying, I feel like that happens to so many kids because that form of bullying is so accessible to the bullies. 
2)It sadly reminds me just of the everyday stories you hear about bullying. The video covered a lot of scenarios that actually happen to kids today. 
3) I think I appear pretty similar in real life as I am perceived online. 
4) Based on the information found I think you would think I am very educated and a hard worker. Many of my SLA things like Lucid Charts and Slate appear such as my old schools online education like Prezi. 
5)The goal of internet trolls is to spark anger and bother people. There job basically is to comment rude or hurtful things so you will reply back to them and start a disagreement online.
6) The positives are that if you are responsible with the content you post online you should have nothing to worry about when you are at a job interview and they search you on google. The downside is trolls can attack you and might say something you do not like. Also, if you are not responsible online it will come back to hurt you someday.

I chose this picture because I really learned a lot during this unit. It was so interesting to reflect on what a stranger would think of you online.
Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 12.34.47 PM
Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 12.34.47 PM