Kishara Erwin¨s Capstone

For my capstone I decided to create a mini documentary of my life. The purpose of this was to tell the world my story. I wanted people to know that even if you look different because you have a disability, you should still love yourself and be proud of who you are. Having a disability does not mean you are not special or should think little of yourself. if anything your disability makes you stand out and unique. In the documentary I tell my story in the hope of inspiring others and myself. Throughout my life it took a long time of gaining confidence in myself to reach this point of speaking my truth. When you are younger you just wish for the whispers, stares, and laughter to stop everytime you come outside. Or in my case to not always want to hide behind my mom or sister so people would not laugh at me. Telling your story helps people understand you dont think you are different than anyone else. It also shows you love yourself for who you are. My capstone taught me my voice can be a powerful weapon and that i need to use it. Ultimately I hope people be proud of who they are despite of anything they encounter in life. Disability or no disability everyone is beautiful in their own way. We can never let what others think of us stop or block our path of being the greatest version of ourselves we can be.

Capstone Annotated Bibliography