Joseff, Serge, Jamie, Marcus

Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) at one point was the #1 most wanted criminal in the world. Kony is wanted for kidnapping over 2,000,000 children and using them for child sex slaves and childs soldiers in Uganda. Their living conditions were terrible, they were beaten and treated like dogs.  All the awareness on Kony became worldwide in early 2012 when the company Invisible Children uploaded a  video documentary on YouTube entitled KONY 2012, asking for donations throughout the world. 32% on the video’s donations went to stopping Kony, although Invisible Children kept the the other 68%. Where has the money gone? No one knows!  Joseph Kony has not been seen since 2006. Is he still actively kidnapping? No one knows! He could be dead, but we must treat this situation as if he was still alive. It’s a very serious situation; millions of kids lives have been ruined.            

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Sydne Hopkins-Baker (Student 2016)
Sydne Hopkins-Baker

I like how you did the Africa cut out with the information. Another thing is how you have the link to Kony 2012. Do you think the Kony 2012 is a scam? I mean I know there is child slaves/ prostitues and child soldiers but is there a Kony who's like a mayor part of it?

Lauren Thomas (Student 2016)
Lauren Thomas

Very insightful and I liked the question that you have raised. Where is the money going to? That is a wonderful point that you have raised to the audience. Great post to bring awareness to this issue.

Allison Kelly (Student 2016)
Allison Kelly

I really think it was a smart idea to choose something like this, in which most people know the story of and how it relates to what we are doing in class. You should of, though, added more information into this instead of just relying on your expectation that most have seen the video, or that they will take the time to watch such a long video. Your project was really good though, just add some more information next time!

Lindsey Jones (Student 2016)
Lindsey Jones

I agree. But some information is inaccurate. Among the Ugandan people, Kony is nowhere to be found. He isn't even heard of in some parts. He is most likely dead. However, I do see your points and appreciate the amount of research presented.

Morgan Caswell (Student 2016)
Morgan Caswell

I like how you note that while things do happen and trafficking does happen, that the Kony 2012 thing came out of no where. They don't really know what Kony is doing and what is happening with him these days since he hasn't been seen since 2006. It is terrible how these children have been treated; no one deserves to live a childhood like they have been forced to. And with that point, we like to sympathize with the fact they have this horrible life and donate to organizations that are more about profit than they are about making a change for these children. It is horrible to think that they don't care enough about the children to be a non for profit company.