Kopf ILP Update 10/23

Today is the first official day of me having an ILP. My internship is at the Public Workshop and Department of Making+Doing. I have been working really hard to set up an internship either there or at the exhibit design department of the Franklin. Yet, I couldn't get connected to the right people until recently, so now I finally have it set up. I wish that getting my internship set up was an easier process, but I do believe that I have learned from the complications that arose during this process.

Although I haven't actually been to my internship yet, I  have heard many good and interesting things about the program and I am very excited to begin working next Wednesday. I think that this internship will really help educate me on many topics that I am interested in and assist me in pursuing my possible career goals. Even if I don't choose to continue on this road I think that this internship will teach me many things that will be useful anywhere, later in life. 

The only issue that I have currently is of my conflicting schedule. I have been doing a program with the Franklin Institute for a year now and have really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, both the internship and the Franklin program are on Wednesdays, and I have learned that the internship I chose starts later and can go later occasionally. Even though I am not required to stay for the whole time at the Public Workshop, I am still concerned about missing or being late to the Franklin program. Hopefully, this will never happen, but it is something I have been thinking about.

I hope everything works out overall and am really looking forward to starting a new experience at the Public Workshop.