Kopf ILP Update 11/2

So far I have been to two sessions of my ILP and it's really cool. We haven't been doing what I expected, but I'm still learning a lot and really enjotyng myself and my work there. The first session I went, I got lost trying to get there and was 20 minutes late and fairly embarrassed. Then once we got started I felt fairly out my depth, everyone else seemed to know what they were doing and how to operate the power tools a lot better than I did. Yet, after a while I got into a groove and helped hang up a swing and drill holes for the next swing. We were trying to build a playground for this neighborhood in West Philadelphia and I feel like a made a good contribution to building the playground and to the neighborhood.

The next session was far less interesting, but I still had some fun and don't expect the whole year will be like this. The most recent session I went to, all we were doing was packing up and closing down the Department of Making + Doing, obviously this was not nearly as fun as building a playground. We had to pack up all the tools that we got to keep and label all of the boxes that we put them into. It was really cool to see all of the things that students had made at this place, and I wish I could have been here before they had to close the place down. Next week we are starting to move out and bring tools to the SLA campuses. I think that after we finish moving everything out we will move on to cooler and more intellectually challenging things. I'm excited for what is to come.