Labeling Women- Kara Lazorko

For my Passion, Information, and change, I have chosen to do my project about labeling women. This topic was my biggest interest, because it seems to be a common issue, and the spotlight put upon it, is not very bright.

Now and days, it seems as if every woman has a name that is not her own, and it’s based off other people’s opinions. Whether sexual or not, calling a female a name can easily make it seem as if that woman is below you in authority wise or just in general. In most cases, the labels are sexual and sometimes do not even fit the person who that label is being put on. For example, calling a female a hoe or a slut, and for all you know that female could be a virgin. A lot of words similar to slut and hoe, have also been commonly used and given to women. Although they all have different meanings, they still revolve around this sexual idea.

Source: Stop Labeling Women: tumblr

For Image above: Why should we have names other than our own, and just be who we want to be?

One word that has developed in many people’s vocabulary is the word ¨thot.¨ The funny thing is that it’s not even a word, it is an acronym. It stands for ¨That hoe over there.¨ Again, giving a female a sexual named based off of her appearance that does not always seem to match, just degrades the person she is. In most cases, people who use these type of terms, do not even know the real definition of them. Women who defend themselves suddenly become feminist, and are labeled sexist.¨Who decided that you can’t be a feminist if you appreciate a man opening a door for you? Who made the call that you aren’t strong and independent if you are in a relationship? Who told us that we can’t be freaked out by spiders and be Wonder Woman at the same time? We can do whatever we want, and it’s time that we stopped trying to define ourselves and each other, and spent more time on simply just being our authentic selves,¨ according to an article from Hello Giggles.

Source: Stop Labeling Women

Image above: Not every label you give a woman has to be sexual, but it still can degrade who they are.¨Women describe being given gender-specific labels with negative connotations when they work hard or perform well – where, they ask, are the male equivalents for phrases such as ‘ball-breaker’, ‘battleaxe’ or ‘harridan’? Meanwhile labels like ‘doll’, ‘baby’ and ‘sweetie’ infantilise women,¨ according to The Independent.

This issue is very significant, because with these labels put on women, it affects how their performance is seen at work. In this case, it prevents women from being in a healthy relationship, get a good job, and even have a good social life. One label or a million, you are not allowing someone to be themselves without having to be put into a certain category.

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Britney Feliciano-Hayes (Student 2018)
Britney Feliciano-Hayes

I really like this topic especially since I am a victim of being labeled by my skin color, personality, and action. I also like it because it links into my topic about feminism. I feel like we could share ideas and collaborate to make a change and create an amazing You and the World Project.

Madison Harris (Student 2018)
Madison Harris

I really like your pictures and post is awesome. This is great topic to be dicussed because this happens all the time to women when the person saying this could not even know 1 piece of information about them. I am so intrested in your project and look forward to what you are going to do to help fix this issue!

Alexa Lahr (Student 2018)
Alexa Lahr

This is an amazing post and idea. This post made me want to do something about it. And made me think of all the stories I have of this. The pictures really stood out to me. It really grabed my attion. I am looking forward to the activites you will have for this.