Lady Macbeth poem

For my creative piece of Macbeth I did a poem about Lady Macbeth's character journey through out the whole story. It shows how before the death of Duncan she was the man in the relationship but after Duncan died she became very cautious and she wanted it to go away. To craft it, I thought it would be a little bit easier to write it since I am a poet but it was not as easy as I thought. Even though I am a poet to create a poem is not always easy to do but I already had an idea of what to put in it. The difficulties during making this poem was that I had to figure out to word it. I am most proud of the whole poem because it was hard but I still did a good job creating this. If I did this project over I would have definitely created something else more creative like an art piece or a sculpture out of clay. What I learned from looking at my peers projects were that they are really creative and are good at something. What I learned about myself during this project were that to try something different even if my specialty is poetry because I may be good at something else.