Language Auto Biography

​Reflection and Introduction

Through this paper it expressed my family and me. Basically the more I read this paper I see what really happens in my life. I never really noticed it but I think I do now. When I go home I see more and more of family and the way I talk. I no longer correct them because that's just them. I wouldn't want anyone correcting me on something I said correctly. Well in my opinion it's only wrong if it's spelled wrong. You can't say it wrong you can only spell it wrong. This means that if you see a word and you say it, you didn't say it wrong you spelled it wrong. In your head it looks differently. My strong points were the dialog it really brought out my moms voice. I though I did bad on research and information.

Language Auto Biography

- Home language

“snip snip” the sounds of the lips going back and forth, Spacing between each curve in a way that cannot be defi ned. Imaginary it must be, not being able to understand the new language she has brought in this house. “You don’t want ta listen to me you know.” Foreign, it must be; this isn’t English. What is this? Training as the time goes on, the peers get used to it and try to learn it. They understand what I am saying . “I am tinkin about movin.” The strange talker says. As the speaker continues, we learn to understand the dialect. Morning rises, only the kin are around the change in the dialect changes. Code switch it ay be called but how. How can you change what you sound like in an instant like a whole new person. I wonder how that happens to a person. Now I feel different wondering about this situation. Lingering the words slur as they are still correct. One chance to change ones dialect and it happened. Tick tock fortifying with greatness. You now know the difference between languages. Ding dong “hello”. Conversing back in forth they are. Once again the dialect changes I don’t understand the fast speaking the horrid.

No holding back the foul language coming out my mouth, talking as if I don’t know English. Friend laughing and joking around waiting for a joke with that French word of justice. When around my family the French word is obsolete. As if the word never existed the loud talking the distant hearing of the parents. Walking outside getting my code switch started. A friend comes up and now it’s on the code switch is in. Finally I’m free. Don’t under stand why It’s like this but it is. Can I change it I don’t know. Depending on how I feel during the moment, sometimes.

Throughout all the times a friend speaks to you do you ever wonder if they always speak that way. Maybe they just speak to you that way.

In school i always try to make up lines that would make people laugh. My most recent line was “chew the gat” although many people don't know what it means that's a good thing. If they did I wouldn’t be here. Sometimes people laugh sometimes they don’t. When I’m around other people tat line doesn’t come up in my vocabulary. I try not to just randomly say it.

My friend in school says some pretty wierd stuff, he says ”what are youuuu talking about” then he like repeats it in different ways. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t say that around his parents.

I actually like code switching how you feel the rhythm in the words coming out of your mouth. You feel you coming out. You can feel your mind spinning as if you never heard anything before it feels so new. When you talk to your guardian most of the time your actually talking to them in a way that won’t get mad at you. Hopefully that gazing eye upon that word which cannot be named because it has not been thought of. That word your gazing looking upon finally opens up depending on you your around with.

The more time you spend thinking about that word it’s hard to decide weather to use it or not. It’s basically an unsolved mystery until you have to say the word.

Conversations come differently. When you converse with someone they feel as if that you, they feel that is how you speak. People tend to speak proper at placed they feel are proper. Like Balls, business offices etc. I actually like code switch because it show me how many of “MY” languages I actually know. People don;t know my language only because they don’t code switch the way I do.

Sometimes my mom doesn’t even realise she says “tinkin”. When I do bad on my report card and I’m always on my laptop. She says that I’m not “tinkin” that I’m not tryin. To her family it’s a lot different  when they tinkin and then at the end of the sentence it “you know”. That’s their way of speaking and I can;t change that I also like the way they speak because in a way that shows my mom has a language that is English.

Dialect brings an important factor into this. Not all the time a person speaks with an accent. Even though they know the accent and It’s heavy, they also try to “lightin” it in front of other people just for them to hear.