Language Autobiography

Introduction & Reflection

My language autobiography is about a experience I had in middle school. It shows how word/language affected the way I thought. Words can hurt a lot and I just wanted to show to who ever reads this how much words hurt me.

Language Autobiography​

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." That saying was all a very big lie that we all use but never works. The truth is that words hurt a lot more then sticks and stones because at least when time passes the bruises that were on you will not be there anymore, but when it comes to those words, they will always linger in you mind not out of sight. I know this very well because there are words that hurt a lot and keep on repeating themselves each time I think of my middle school. The schools name is William Levering Elementary School, It’s a very old school there was two different building, a new building that was made out of concrete and had bigger windowed. The floors were well made and they aren’t cracked. The old building was made out stone the windows are regular size. The floor was made out of concrete and it was all cracked, the walls all have words written on them like “Whore, Bitch, etc.” then there were the drawings of the males organ and of the females chest. I was in eighth grade when I had painful words spoken to me. This was a time that a teacher called me stupid using big words thinking that I wouldn’t understand her. I didn’t get it at first. I would ask myself was it because English was not my first language, my first tongue or was it that my first language, my first tongue was so disliked by others? or was it that Spanish is my first language and it’s a hard language for a lot of people to learn or was it because I knew two languages and she only knew one was that why she talk to me in that ill manner way? Until now I didn’t get why she said those hateful words.

The words that were spoken were,  “Maria you won’t be able to do anything. You’re inept and can’t do anything. You can’t read or write. Your test grades are lower then the average. You don’t even use what we had taught you.” Those words hurt a lot the first time I heard then but not only once but twice. The first time it was said to me was around February 1:50pm. I was walking down to the nurse room with one of my best friend. The whole day was so nice. Nothing bad happened but when I got into the nurse room she was there. She was like 4.9ft in height and she looks very constipated. She was talking to the nurse when I had walking in she had said to the nurse, “I only ate half of a peanut and that was my lunch.” After I had finished at the nurse my friend and I want to the library. My homeroom teacher let us go to the library but the lady didn’t know. She came up to my friend and I. That was when those hateful words were spewed out. I was about to cry but I couldn’t show her that it hurt so much. I wasn’t about to go and give her the pleasure and the power to make me cry. So I want to the classroom and hid from everyone and started to cry. Now every time that I think of my elementary her words repeat themselves.

Some words hurt more then others, were this words “You can’t read or write.” These words were right but at the sametime wrong because I can read and I can write. I may have some trouble with grammar and with words but that doesn’t mean that I can do either. Even my English teacher said I had good Ideas but it’s just the grammar and the explanation that I need to fix.

The other set of words that hurt were, “You’re inept and can’t do anything.”  They were the words that I didn’t understand that much, but I figured it out. It was another way to say that I’m stupid and that I can’t do anything. I hate these words so much. The second time it was said to me was the next day.

Those words hurt me a lot more the second time. I had the worst last year of middle school. When she said it the second time I couldn’t hold my feelings back. I started to cry. This time I give her the power. The pain of hearing that from a teacher hurt me more then it coming from my family because I know my family is just playing around but a teacher the person that shouldn’t say those word did. From that day I started hiding my emotions from everyone and if I was sad I would have a clear expression but people didn’t know if I was sad, mad, or bored. I still do it because I’m trying to protect myself there are some people that I let near me but not so many. Those that are near me can tell the different very fast and always try to make me smile, but no mater what happens those word will never disappear from my mind, but no mater what I have people that love me and say that I’m really smart and that makes my day.