Lauren Hummel Capstone

The process of choosing a capstone was not an easy one for me. I first chose to work with Habitat for Humanity for my capstone and to get a group of students involved in service project through the organization. After a few months of planning, scheduling, and organizing, I learned that my plan was not going to work. With a mere two months left to complete a capstone I was proud of, I talked to John Kamal and Alex Gilliam to come up with a capstone. The idea we came up with consisted of a series of building projects that would benefit the school in some way whether through the classroom environment or simple improvements. 

The results of this project were two table-top lecterns for Ms. Martin, and a shelf that Ms. Giknis can set speakers up on. It is all visible through a website I created to display the work I have done so anyone can see. I had to learn how to better use various tools. From doing this, I learned that I should always have a backup plan, and a backup-backup plan. I have learned that there is a lot of value in asking for help, which I have always struggled with. I also now know there is a lot of work that goes into a project like this and I highly respect the process. I have learned a lot through completing this capstone and although it was a difficult process, I am happy with the result.

I have chosen to present my capstone in the format of a website that can be accessed through this link or the link below. 

My annotated bibliography is also presented below.