Lead Print/Matt

My element is Lead, Pb. the atomic number is 82. My element is used for many things, it had been used in pencils and in water pipes. It is poison to be digested. The history of lead goes way back, it is unknown who discovered lead but it was used in things like makeup for Queen Elizabeth. It was a popular fashion in the 16th and 17th centuries it was called "whiteface" or "mask of the youth" that made your face the desired color of the time, but since it was poisonous it was not a trend that lasted very long. 
My inspiration for my print come from another time period where ancient rome in the 18 century put lead into wine to make it sweeter but ended up killed them. I thought drawing wine glasses in celebration, while packets of lead were poured into the glasses would be a good representation.
The process of making this print was first sketching many ideas of how I wanted lead to be represented. I them took sketch paper and traced my normal final sketch. With the final sketch on sketch paper I drew it onto the foam used to print my form, I had to make sure it was backwards so that when I printed it it wouldn't be backwards. The we took pain cover roller and put paint on it, and printed it. We made sure it was 4 by 6 inches as well to fit perfectly in a 6 by 8 matt frame. 
If I were to do this project again I would make my lines on the foam bolder so they were more distinct when I put pain on them. Other then that I am proud of my work. I would also make the element symbol more incorporated in my wine glasses.