Leaving Prom

​Zach, Andrew, his girlfriend Patricia, Karen, Kimmi and I got into the limo. We had just exited the prom and were on a mission to meet up with Anthony and Jacob for a late dinner. Door closed and we all began to get settled in our spots. Now all we were waiting for was Evett and Stefen to get in their limo and follow. Problem was they we taking quiet a bit of time heading out of the lobby. Finally though we saw them emerge from the hotel. Problem was we heard our limo gearing up to go. I turned around waving to get their attention. Once I got it I tried to signal to Evett our limo was going to take off. She looked and I rolled down the window trying to hold her attention. Thats when the limo began to pull off and I saw the rarest thing ever. Evett took off from her spot on the side walk and began chasing the limo, I should add that she was still in her prom dress and very high heels. She actually was able to catch up to limo before it took off. Never stumbling or falling probably the coolest thing ever.