Legalize Medicinal Marijuana!

Here is the link to our google doc! 

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Callie Monroe (Student 2013)
Callie Monroe

You guys knew a lot about your topic and were able to answer all of the questions that we had. I could not find the link to your website but im sure it is very good. The only thing that I would say you should improve is your cohesiveness when presenting. You all had really great things to say but it was a bit scattered.

Cyndilynn Sheridan (Student 2013)
Cyndilynn Sheridan

I am impressed by the amount of states that legalized medical marijuana when the government was originally portraying this substance to be "bad."

I am confused if medical marijuana actually cures cancer or if it just take the pain away for the time being?

I would suggest for them to incorporate more statistics into their argument so it makes it stronger and more effective in society.