Let Your Voice Be Heard: Blog#3; Agent of Change

So, I’m back again with my third and final blog post about bullying; depression and suicide. Here’s a recap of blog #1 and blog #2. In blog 1, I talked about facts and statistics about bullying and how it leads to depression and suicide through research. In my blog 2, I talked about the original research that I did. For my original research, I did a survey and had kids at my old school, taking them from grades 6-8. If you would like to read about any one of the posts you can check here, Blog Post #1 and Blog Post #2. Now, for this blog post I’m going to be talking about my Agent of Change. This means, what did I do to make a difference or let others know about how important my topic is which is bullying.

For my Agent of Change, I decided to go to my old school and start a little support group. In this support group, there were children from grades 6-8. Some were in there by choice and others were kind of recommended by teachers and parents.

I chose to create a small support group because often times children are bullied and depressed, but they feel like they have no one to actually talk to. I thought that they would be a little comfortable and more open with children around their age and those who are going through the same things that they are. In the results of my original survey, more than 50% of the children that took it said that they have not told anyone that they were being bullied. So, this was the time to tell someone and be heard. They were given a journal where they would write in. The group was called Sticks & Stones. 



(This is a poster that the kids made about what they felt or thought about cyber bullying. It was not forced upon them. They had the choice to go up themselves if they had something to write.)

I can walk away knowing that I helped kids open up more about what’s going on in their lives, especially if they’re being bullied. This makes me feel amazing and proud because these kids know that it is very important to let their voices be heard. I now know that if I feel strongly about something, maybe the best thing to do is step up and do something. Every voice is important and should be heard.

Some things that could have been done differently is maybe do more activities of getting to know each other. Most of the children did know each other, but others were quiet and a little awkward. I would actually like to continue doing this because it was a nice way to get to know children and hear their stories.

Bullying is a very serious case leading into other serious cases such as depression and suicide. People should be more aware of what the causes and effects are. You never know if someone you know is being bullied. Most times it’s because they don’t share that type of information, but make sure you could make yourself a pair of open ears. They’ll feel more wanted.

I want to thank my old school, Grover Washington Jr. Middle School for helping me get my information and allowed me to work with them. They were amazing and the teachers, especially Ms. Gottesman, Ms. Beckford and more and principal, Mrs. Hargett. Thank you. The biggest thank you goes to my English teacher and advisor Ms. Dunn for giving me the opportunity to work on an incredible and life changing experience. I feel like I am a new and bigger person now because I was able to achieve someon
e this big.