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​This capstone process was long. I changed my capstone at least three times. My original plan was to create a mural somewhere in the school. Then, I realized that there were already a bunch of art things on the wall in our school building. I finally settled on making abstract art on the ceiling tiles. I decided to form the letters "S-L-A" with three ceiling tiles. I know. that sounds so plain and boring. The creativity comes stems from what I used to make the capstone. I used all my old trans passes from freshman year to senior year. I got this idea from an abstract art class I attended with my uncle. I became familiar with seeing and creating art with things like soda cans, paint and pipe cleaners. I decided to use trans passes due to the fact that I see them as a passageway to knowledge, education, and learning how to communicate effectively with all types of people. To me, trans passes are also a sign of opportunity and mobility. They are a sign of endless possibility (usually up until 7 or 8 o'clock). The people I've been able to meet and connect with because of this resource has literally changed my mindset for the better. For instance, I'm able to travel back and forth from my physical therapy internship. That might not sound like something that can change your life, but physical therapy is my way of helping and giving back to the world.

Annotated Bibliography:


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  • This link speaks on the important aspects of abstract art which include lines, colors, form and space. Of these important aspects, color is what is most important out of the group because of the emotions that colors are capable of bringing out of spectators. According to this link, color is the furthest from the representation of objects, figures, and external reality in general. Kandinsky, the author of this piece views color as a way to view the deeper meaning of the painting or other form of art piece. Kandinsky also believes that colors have a psychological effect on the spectator.  


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  • I used this link to learn a little bit more about the School district of Philadelphia and its process/requirements for getting a free transpass. These requirements include living in philly, being in 7th-12th grade, and living more than 1.5 miles away from your school.  You also have to attend a Public, Charter, Archdiocesan school. Also, I can use this link in my presentation for where I got most of my information from. It also brings attention to free transportation which is something many people take for granite. I’m grateful for it now that I think about how much money I would’ve had to spend to get to school.


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  • I used this link to get a clearer picture on how abstract can be extremely simple or extremely intricate and detailed. This link also explains how abstract art is growing as a popular design component for artist all of the world.


"Art And Science: How to Reach Your Audience." Sales Funnel Training. Accessed February 03, 2017. https://autogrow.co/art-and-science-how-to-reach-your-audience/.


  • This link is geared towards systematically being able to connect to your audience through different avenues. The best way to do this is to set goals, analyze data and incorporate those findings into framework. The message is almost like establishing your passion/reasoning for caring so deeply about whatever you are doing. This link is more focused on helping businesses thrive but just like businesses, I want my artwork to resonate with a larger group of people. This website also encourages having a clear and concise message that isn’t overly drawn out because in all honesty, people don’t want to listen to such an extended backstory.


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  • I’m still considering if I want to use paint in my abstract art piece. But I know that there’s different paints for depending on the location of the art. If I do use paint, I’d need acrylic paint which is used to to keep the art bold and long lasting.


Reskillmows. "Abstract Mural painting process." YouTube. March 06, 2016. Accessed February 03, 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdAKjIKiUnQ.


  • This video reminded me how free flowing this abstract art project should be. Abstract art is something that’s supposed to clear the mind and be soothing to the brain. This reminder is one I’ll need when I’m sketching and mapping out my mural.


Elgin, Catherine Z. "Understanding: Art and Science." Synthese 95, no. 1 (1993): 13-28. http://www.jstor.org/stable/20117763


  • This link is focused on the connection between art and science. Catherine Z. Elgin believes that art, just like science often scorns fact to advance understanding through fiction. I agree with this to because no one thing/topic stands alone. There’s always a support system.


"How Arts and Cultural Strategies Enhance Community Engagement and Participation." How Arts and Cultural Strategies Enhance Community Engagement and Participation. Accessed February 03, 2017.  https://www.planning.org/research/arts/briefingpapers/engagement.htm


  • This link focuses on the community involving aspect of making art and how that has a positive effect on everyone in that community. It leads to people working together to making new friends while creating beautiful art. Also, it creates a feeling of pride and reasoning for keeping the surrounding area clean.


"$1,000 Scholarship Contest for Students of the Arts." Art Student Scholarship | College, Trade School, University | MAD. Accessed February 03, 2017. https://www.modernabstractdecor.com/art-student-scholarship.


  • I use this link as almost a guide to what a award winning mural looks like. I understand that I’m not trying to like win this scholarship but it is a good reference. I also like this website because it acknowledges highschool kids my age who enjoy art work and do a good job of portraying emotion in their artwork.

https://www.facebook.com/verywell. "Art Therapy: Relieve Stress By Being Creative." Verywell. Accessed February 03, 2017. https://www.verywell.com/art-therapy-relieve-stress-by-being-creative-3144581.


  • I like this link because it explains a holistic way of dealing with major problems including depression, stress, and the negative things going on in your life. Art provides people with a hobby. Having a hobby is always good because it keeps the mind sharp. Also, art appeals to both the creative side of your brain and the problem solving side too.

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