LGBT Bullying Final Project

In my previous blog posts, I talked about what I wanted to do in my You & The World project. Which was focus on the topic of bullying towards LGBT+ students, you can find that blog post here. In my second blog post, I conducted a survey asking people about what they thought of the LGBT+ Community if they’ve ever witnessed bullying towards an LGBT+ member, and why they think people do this. I got lots of helpful and honest responses from my peers, you can find that blog post here. 
For my agent of change, I and my two friends Olu and Mike held a bake sale. We were going to raise money so we could donate it to an anti-bullying foundation. Our first step is setting up when and where. We decided to do it on a Wednesday, during our lunch. Students asked us what it was for, and when we told them, they were more likely to buy food. In total, we raised for than $40. Next, we had to donate the money, but how? We are too young to have credit cards, and sending money through the mail isn’t the smartest idea. So, we had to give the money to our English teacher (Mrs. Giknis). She donated it to the website for us!
I feel like our agent of change was good. We could have baked more to make more money, but overall it was a success. Olu, Mike, and I decided on this for our agent of change because we wanted to do something that would impact people, and help others. We educated peers about the effects of bullying, and we donated the money to an anti-bullying foundation. 
In doing this project I realized how something some people make fun of every day and minuscule can be, can hurt others a lot more than we realize. I also learned that lots of high schoolers think that LGBT+ bullying isn’t that big of a deal. And learning about myself, I realized how serious something I joked about was. Being completely honest, I used to make jokes like that because I'm part of the LGBT+ community, and I thought it was okay. But I realize how much these words and actions have an effect on certain people. I feel like I could have raised more money in my agent of change, but I'm content with what we did raise.