LGBT Issues-- Talking about yourself: Do you share your feelings or "Flaws"?

     I am doing a project for English Class called "You and the World". In the world, people are treated differently for living. These people choose to live their lives freely. The U.S constitution says that every person should have the same rights. This would give each person the freedom to express themselves. If a single person can express themselves, without anyone saying anything, what gives that person the right to discriminate against another. The question being, do we really treat others the way we want to be treated.
    The issue that I choose to discuss is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered and Questioning, LGBTQ, issues in America. This topic interests me because I find it hard to understand how a person can point out the flaws in another but don't want their flaws to be shown. These people are so against LGBTQ people that they want to stop them from living the own lives. They want to stop them from being free and happy. They want to stop them from getting married and bully them constantly just because they are different.
    I have done research among my peers, friends, and family that prove that most people do not like having their insecurities or secrets shown. Many teenagers in society are so afraid of their flaws that they keep them hidden with all of the power. However, when their flaws are actually shown, they get bullied and take hurt themselves to express their inner shame.
    Every person has flaws. I think that is what makes us all unique. If we weren't different, how would we know the good from the bad? The people who I have spoken with that are a part of the LGBTQ community feel that their flaws is just being themselves. However, when they have the courage to show their "Flaw" to everyone, they get made fun of. They are being brave. This teasing can become too much and they take it out on themselves.
    My next goal in my research study is to find out why people lie. Is it something that comes naturally or is it to purposefully hide their "flaws"? 

1. I got some research on suicide rates from this website.