Lie Detecting

Lie detecting uses questioning techniques and examines physical functions in order to get the truth out of someone.  Most people know about lie detections through law enforcement tactics and a key tool for detectives.  Something I didn't know about lie detecting is that it is often wrong.  
The way lie detecting works is quite easy.  It's official name is a Polygraph.  When people lie their blood pressure often raises along with their heartbeat.  So when you are hooked up to a lie detector these are the factors that are being measured.  People know this and can manipulate their results on the lie detector test.  
Lie detectors have become more than just a tactic in detective work.  They have become an icon in TV and movies.  If you think about it, there have probably been multiple shows that you've watched that have involved or had a reference to a lie detector.  If you see a moving paper with 3 pens running along it you can probably already assume that it is a lie detector.  
Lie detectors can be useful for the right people.  The thing about lie detectors is that their way of measurement is so widely known that people can almost prepare for their tests.  Not everyone can pull it off which is good because those people will be easier to determine whether or not their lying.  
Lie detecting is somewhat a lost cause for now but the future could hold great things for it.  Brain scans of the suspects will be performed while their being questioned.  The suspects will also have to listen to words that relate to or are about the crime they are convicted of.  It is said that the results will be increased by a 90% accuracy level which will do great things for the world and will allow the right people to go to jail for their misdeeds.