Life Changer By Robert Jenkins

Its November 11th a day to give thanks to the control so im going to take my annual trip to Philadelphia National Cemetery and pay my respect to the greatest war hero who ever lived. Julius R. Jenkins. That man was like a father to me and gave up his life for the safety and everyday I just wonder why would he do it. It Should have had been me if wasn’t for me he would be here today. Why did he choose to save me who or what did he see in me that was worth saving? I look at the name Howard Jackson I think of a worthless man who managed to destroy everything in his life. So what potential did he see upon me that was worth saving. I guess its just something I will never understand Julius so certainly one of those things. But his deaf leaves me with great regret and at the same time hope because if he believed  why can’t I learn to believe in myself. I rethink that week all the time too try to understand….

We were under heavy fire from the North Vietnamese Army and I had just knifed the chest of a enemy solider that had rushed into me. The battle had me full with so much adrenalin that I forgot the strategies that you to taught me that have so many times kept us alive through so many battles. Like the one when u said to secure every kill with a second cut to the throat to be sure that your enemy will never get up. But I didn’t instead I turned my back on him and the wounded enemy was able to draw his gun and fire.I slowly began to turn around in shock of the fate I will soon take I felt powerless and it seem as if I could not move. But then came you  jumping right in front of me  pushing both of us down to the ground. As we laid on the ground I began a sigh of relief, until I notice this blank stare in your face and you where not responding to my cries.” Ceaser Ceaser are you alright” no answer so pushed you off from the top of me and noticed you have been shot 3 times and where heavily bleeding. So I rushed you back to home base for medical attention but by time we had made It I had already lost you. From that moment in life I decided that it was time for me too change my life around. See even in the past life you are still my teacher. So for that I thank you Julius u are a true life changer

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