Light Pollution

Two  Sundays ago I walked around the city with my mom and took some pictures of the tall buildings.It was windy, but me and my mom survived, we walked to 30th street up toward the bridge on Schuylkill River to take a good  picture of the city. I took like nine pictures on my phone. This is a hard picture to take because it was a hard angel because it was when we were walking to catch the trolley in 22nd street.Trust me,it was really cold it felt like 10 degrees I hope you enjoy this doc.If the lights look green, it is really blue.    

I learned that Philadelphia is one of the worst cities with light pollution. In fact, Washington, DC to Boston has the most light pollution in the United States. Germany has the worst light pollution in Europe which has the worst light pollution on Earth.  

Here is the link to my annotated bibliography.

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