Lincoln's death affected the reconstruction era

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      Lincoln's Assassination


            Affected the African Americans

              and the reconstruction era


Millions of U.S citizens in grief as they start to pay their respects and say their goodbyes to the 16th  president of the united states, Abraham Lincoln. People from across the United States will go to Washington Dc, Baltimore Md, Philadelphia Pa, New York City, Albany, Buffalo Ny, Cleveland, Columbus Oh, Indianapolis, Michigan City Ind and Chicago, Springfield Ill for public viewings. in other news the new duties of President Johnson he has taken away forty acres and a mule away from the African Americans which is like taking their freedom away just like when a baby chugs down there bottle and gets it taken away just when moments after receiving it.

Artist statement

My topic was about did Lincoln’s death affect the Reconstruction Era and I chose to do a broadside flyer. I chose this topic because no one talked about this particular topic.  The topics that were mostly about were how Lincoln freed  the slaves. Also, how did the Emancipation Proclamation affect the outcome of the war and my topic was interesting.  The reason I put a picture of Lincoln in his casket is because this flyer is about the places his funeral procession would be at for his final viewing.  This was important to the american people since Lincoln was the first american president to not only die but be murdered during his presidential term.  It was also a great show of respect for a man who was not only a great leader but to help bring about an end to slavery.  Lincoln was a humble man who was able to maintain that in spite of and during his years of presidency.  I feel that our world as we know it today is heavily impacted  because of all that President Lincoln did to help free the slaves.  It made it so that all people no matter what race can be free to live wherever and however they want in todays day and age.  The funeral procession that was given to this president was one of great love for a man who truly did help to change the world not only then but in present day as well.  I would certainly not like to even try to imagine what our world would be like today if not for President Lincoln.

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