Little Miss Devastating

“”Little miss perfect.” “Daddy’s favorite.” “Number one athlete.” Is there a title that you don’t hold? Hmm Alice? What do you mean where is this coming from? No YOU listen to ME. You always complain about how hard it is to be you. Do you know how hard it is to be me? Why must you never listen to me!?

Well now you’re going to listen. Whether you want to or not. Here’s what I have to go through every single day.. I wake up to the sound of my alarm on my phone. Do you know why I set one on my phone even though daddy wakes you up every morning? He only wakes YOU up. He forgets about me! So I have to wake up 5 mins AFTER you to not ‘disrupt’ your father-daughter morning hug. Then I go downstairs to fix myself breakfast. I know what you’re thinking. But Sky! Daddy ALWAYS make us breakfast. WRONG! He always makes YOU breakfast! I remember going to him one morning and asking “Hey Dad? Where’s my food?”. Want to know what he told me? “You have two hands. I’m not your maid. Make it yourself!” And because i’m such a “nice little girl”, I did. I sucked it up, and watched as you ate your perfectly cooked pancakes and made my own burnt ones. Then we went to school. We walk to school with YOUR friends. Why? Because I don’t have the capability to make friends when people have my seemingly perfect sister to go after. The same ones who call me Clumsy Sky. Want to know why I’m so ‘clumsy’? Because when you’re not looking, they trip me. They make me land on the sharpest rock they can find. I’m not clumsy! I’m just abused. Yeah! Didn’t think I knew such big words did ya? Well I’m smart too! But the teachers hate me! Mocking me when I get the questions right for a change. “Oh. So you DO know something”. Criticizing me if I got it wrong, like “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” to the point where I don’t participate anymore. I don’t participate not because I’m lazy as you call me, but because I'm scared of having it happen continuously. Then we go to gym. More like the place where I stand and watch you do your routine, while I am never getting called on to show them all what I can do! Why won’t she ever call on me, I wonder!? But you wanna know why!? It’s because you’re there. Because everyone LOVES Alice. I bet all the people watching this broadcast are worried about their poor little Alice. They want to get her away from the maniac with a gun! But I’m not crazy! I’m just abused. (starts crying) I just want to be loved too. I want to have the attention you always complain about. The kisses from daddy. The friends. The happiness. I want to be happy! So I sat there and I pondered, “How can I be happy?” And I came up with a solution. I can make everyone sad. I can take away the one thing everyone loves so dearly and cares about. You. Then to complete the balance, me. After all twins go down together right? RIGHT? Oh stop crying you baby. We’re both going to go to a place where we can both start over. So say your goodbyes to the camera. Cause we’ll never see them again. “Bai bai everyone!”
Voice 009

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Saamir Baker (Student 2018)
Saamir Baker
  1. I could not relate to this character sadly because I have never though of, our done the things this character has done or be treated as such. But I can say the development was astounding!

  2. "I bet all the people watching this broadcast are worried about their poor little Alice. They want to get her away from the maniac with a gun!". This was such a huge plot twist because it was the first clue given for the scene. It was amazing how after being drawn in the scene gets flipped upside down