Lobbying - Curb your dog & Waste Bins

No one enjoys going for a walk and then noticing that the streets are littered with trash or people refuse to clean up after their pets. If you were in Center City however this would never happen. There are many things already in place that would lower the chances of you seeing these nuisances. First there are trash cans in Center City virtually on every street corner. Secondly their are "please curb your dog" signs posted up all over every park and trails. These are both due to the face that when tourists come to visit Philadelphia most of the traffic is in the Center City area, which requires us to keep these parts especially clean. 

I would propose that "please curb your dog" and public trash bins be of greater for the other parts of the city also. In most parts of the city outside of Center City there is trash on the streets in great abundance. This is because there aren't public trash cans on the corners of those parts of the city. Also the "please curb you dog" law isn't enforced at all so animal droppings are on people's lawn and on private property. I would very much like to see cleaner streets in Philadelphia. I also want to see tourism not only be mainly concentrated in Center City but in other parts that make up philadelphia as well, and I feel as though cleaning up the streets is a very good place to start.

The main people I can get support from while trying to get these enforced or enacted would be the district representatives of the different parts of the city. They would be the main supporters because they would like the thought of having cleaner streets and improving on tourism. Even though I can get the most support from them they can also give me the most opposition. Placing a trash can on street corners isn't a very cheap tasks. Especially managing the trash pickup. If there isn't room in the budget to pay for this then they may not even consider it. 

Currently there isn't any legislation dealing with my topic. But I would like to see one regarding the enforcement of people not cleaning up after their dogs. There are already laws in place that say that it is illegal to not clean up after your pets but there isn't anything regarding the enforcement of that law. 

Law referencing not cleaning up after animals.

(Amending Chapter 10-100 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled "Animals," by amending Section 10-105, entitled "Animals Committing Nuisances," by expanding the section to include nuisances committed upon the private property of the owner and animal noises which cause unreasonable annoyance, disturbance or discomfort to a person or persons, all under certain terms and conditions.
Legislative File ID   000103-A)