Lobbying Against Curfew

I am lobbying about the new curfew. The only reason why I don't like it it because some teens work. And the curfew is a push because no one wants to be stopped, thinking that they're doing something wrong, or to get a fine just because you're on your way home from work. 

It's not really directed to be because I don't work, but I am in the process of looking for a job, and I'm thinking ahead on these type of issues when I start working. My motivation is always thinking of what if I was stopped, accused of being a flashmobber. It is basically why the curfew was made in the first place. But maybe that isn't the only reason. I need to research what(else) started the new curfew, who, why, and how would the government think it'll last. 

I am speaking for teens that work until their curfew time, and directing this towards the government. Well, the curfew law was set on September 22, 2011. But what I would like to see is the government come up with a way to check those teens that work, because no teen would want to be accused of doing something else. Its kind of like, they made the law but don't know what trouble is caused afterwards. It isn't really trouble, but it's just little conflicts that can start up. And little conflicts, can turn into huge ones.