Lobbying Against Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing has been a big part the contribution to chemical infested water in the United States for fifty years now. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking is a process in which workers send highly pressurized water and chemicals to propagate a fracture in a rock layer to release petroleum and other natural gases for extraction. In order to extract these natural gases, tracking companies must pass their drill through our states drinking water, and the chemicals (which have not all been named) are slowly seeping into our drinking water, causing many health concerns. Some chemicals that have been named that are used in the tracking process are carcinogens.

For a detailed description of hydraulic fracturing click HERE.

Many communities in Pennsylvania, especially Philadelphia have been staging protests against fracking...

There are countless protesters against fracking as well as lobbyist fighting to abolish it in our states, but there are the few who are looking to ensure their short term political wealth by lobbying for hydraulic fracturing and disregarding the welfare of those who drink the chemical infested water.