Lobbying Against Middle School Athletics Being Cut

​I am lobbying against the cutting of funds for middle school athletics in Philadelphia public high schools. The middle school athletics funding has been cut from $1.4 million  a year to a miniscule $400,000 a year. They are replacing interscholastic competition, and replacing with intramural competition. The only sports that will continue to have interscholastic competition are boy's football and girls' field hockey and lacrosse. 

I believe that youth that are in better shape lead a happier life, than teens that are overweight and obese. Currently, the biggest supporter is Michelle Obama, she is running her own "Move your Body Campaign" along with her pushing legislation on a bill that will make food in school cafeterias healthier. Locally, however an organization by name Sports Teaching and Reaching Students (otherwise known as STARS.) Opposing middle school athletics is the Philadelphia school district, it's not as though they hate it, they are cutting it because they think it less important than other 

Locally there is no pending legislation, however the bill proposed by Michelle Obama to improve school lunch's has been approved. I would like to see all middle schools have interscholastic sports and possibly intramural sports too.