Lobbying for more bike paths in Philadelphia

The Philadelphians are starting to be come more considerate about their environment and resources, but more importantly their budgeting when it comes to spending on recourses and the affect it has to their environment.  One of they thing that not only Philadelphians but also a lot of citizens are starting to invest in are bikes. More and more of our bikers are starting to show up on every street of Philadelphia, these vehicles can be found almost every corner in Philly including the very busy street. Bikers also shared their most fond and devote feelings they have for their bikes.Philadelphians are really passionate about biking and even the drivers are really supportive about bikes in City. However, the passion and the love for the vehicles still does not grand them from being a part of the city. Many of our biker lovers are still requesting for more bike lanes. It is important that our city councils will be notify and acknowledge the rights that Philadelphia should have more bike lanes in and out of the City.
Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 9.10.17 PM
Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 9.10.17 PM

However, Philadelphia City Council introduced two bills that will pass regarding to city bikers and other bikers in Philadelphia. (Click here for more information)
The Regulations for bicycles in Philadelphia are a bit stricter than the laws of the State. 
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By this saying, it's proving that bikes are legal and that it can be on duty at all times. However, in able to ride bikes around without violating any rules, you must know the PA. Law and Philly retraction. 


The Pennsylvania laws are stating that bikes are consider as a vehicle and will be generalizes with all traffic rules. There are penalties for bikers as well as for drivers on any street of PA./Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Bike laws

This law will help defense my lobbying cause, since bikers have to follow the same rule as any other vehicle and they are consider as a vehicle. It is not fare that bikers do not have there on lanes on any street and at any part of the city/state. Since they have to follow the same law they should have the same respect and rights. Bikes are considered as a vehicle so they are not illegal and therefore they should also have the own parking/place to stores their vehicle in the city!

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