Lobbying Lopic #3-Fracking!

​So far this is an okay year for the people who are saying Frack NO! In Philadelphia we have had a rally, passing out buttons and bumper stickers, gettin the word out with information flyers and pamphlets, etc. but we have not yet reached out goal. Fracking has not come to a complete hault yet, be we are working toward it every step of the way. Working harder and harder so that our water can stay as clean as possible. We are trying to stay as far away from the results the people in the movie-documentary "Gasland

Below is a shocking video of the effects of fracking on local drinking waters.
In order to have a great compacting outcome We need to contact all the oil companies who participate in Fracking. We could also have Senator Vincent Hughes who could guide us in contacting the right people and be by our side with every step of the way with making change. 
We can influence citizens of the community to join us in the movement against fracking in general and show them graphics and videos about what it can do to their drinking water.