Lobbying Post #3 - Curfew

Again, my issue is curfew, speaking on how teens will get accused on doing something bad. None of the representatives agree with me, but other philadelphians do. To the government, it may seem like good publicity, but to everyone else it's horrible. Nothing has happened, yet. But if the law gets more out of hand it wouldn't even be an teen flashmob anymore. It probably would be a city flashmob. The government is my opponent. Apparently, I don't have any type of power or authority to change things, but I know someone does.

The people I would have to go to are philadelphians, mostly parents. In my research, parents have more problem with this issue than teens, and it was directed to both groups. Then there's two different parent groups. There's the group that know their kids doesn't do anything, but yet they still get accused. Then there's the parents responsible for their kid's actions, but still have an attitude. I am more on the side of the innocent parents because those are the one who are most involved. The other parents would probably want to start some type of riot. Who knows.

The council members that was a part of this was Reynolds Brown, Miller and Green. All three agree with it, even my own representative of my district agrees with it. But they don't understand ALL of the outcomes.

I can influence teens and parents. Basically, we have two options. We can agree that the government will have a better way to determine where teens are going, or we can all disagree with the way it's being approached. That is my problem with the law. I felt that it was rushed a little. And they don't have a way to determine who's disobeying and who isn't.

I would like to apologize on my other blog post for wrong assumptions. On September 22nd 2011, it was introduced as a bill, which was directed to teens hanging out at City Hall and University City. Recently it was made an official law. It was actually a bill since 2007. By comparing the 2007 bill and the 2011 bill which is now an official law, it became more strict.

There are no meetings coming up on this issue just yet, but what I would like to do is to go to city council and have them listen to why I'm lobbying about this issue.