Lobbying Post 3: Curfew

For this new Philadelphia Law of the curfew a lot of people are going along with it. I feel as though this would be a good year because not only will it clear the streets at night but it will also decrease the vandalism in the city during Friday nights when kids don't have school the next day. All of the elected officels have induced their support for the issue except for one. There's a mixture of mixed emotions on this new law, for example the deputy Everett Gillison talks about how this would be good for the public he says "If there's a time that a kid is out at a certain time and a officer spots them they will be asked for identification and if there's a problem that the officers will be entitled to do what they have to." Then there are the people who don't believe this curfew should be past as a law. For example  Jim Lynam the 76ers' coach says "I'm not a curfew guy and I never had curfews with my kids." Over all a high percentage of people are for the law and over power the people who don't want to turn this into a law, but the people who aren't for it still have a say in the law. The media has a big part to do with this, for example the more that people see these vicious teens the more they want the law to take place. The message that the people see is to try and keep kids off the streets and when this law starts off it will be a decrease in kids in Philadelphia who will be out late at night.

(Everett Gillison)
(Mayor Nutter)

The stakeholder who's trying to fix this problem is Mayor Nutter. He can't do it alone he also need the help of the citizens. Addressing the parents to make sure where their child is and what their up to.  Not only is the Mayor the only person trying to make this law work but also the citizens of Philadelphia as well. For example Tyrone Werts is a Philadelphia citizen and he stood a long side the police officers in center city trying to keeps kids off of the streets. He says "I wanted to get involved in the world and make a different to the youth." The Allies that need to be on board would have to be the different  citizens in Philadelphia, with out their help, probably nothing will change. Then we have the protesters. In this video a group of people shout "We need schools, not the curfew!" Another stakeholder would be the National Youth Rights Association. This is an organization that support the no curfew for youth. The one council member that didn't agree to go along with the law would prob ably have something to do with being involved with this organization.

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(Tyrone Werts)