Lobbying Post 4-5: Sex Ed 101

Post 4: Communicate with your representative
Detail your plan for communicating and report in on the steps you conducted, reflect on the process, effectiveness, etc.

To communicate with my representative I think writing a letter is the best method, since this is a big problem I think it would best to start small. Meaning the first letter would be to the director of the Philadelphia School District Dr. Arlene C. Ackerman, this letter would talk about the class and what will be taught, how sex ed can help young people and showing that without knowledge on the topic teens are more likely to act it risky behavior.

Post 5-
Dear Dr. Ackerman,
I am a student at Science Leadership Academy, as a young female I believe we should have a class that teaches sex education. We do take a health class but we didn’t spend much time on pregnancy, birth control, STDs and safe sex. In my opinion if there was a class that taught these things the teen pregnancy rate may go down along with the amount of young people with an STD. The class would be a year long course that would be set up in sections, section one would be on what sex is, the next section would be on the safe sex, the last two would be on pregnancy (life after the baby is born and school) and STDs.
After watching the show 16 and Pregnant I felt that schools should step up and educated the students on what their parents didn’t want to talk about. This is a class that students can pick to have, so if they don’t feel they need the education or their parents wish for them to learn it in the household they didn’t have to take it. Many of the actives would be project based and hands on. I truly hope that you read this and see that as a young female that I would us this class to my benfite.
Sincerely Camille Aliyha Morton