Lobbying Topic - Solar Energy

      I want to lobby for the use of clean solar energy. Within the city there has been use of this energy on city trash disposal units. This energy obviously works and can easily help to reduce the cost of electricity. What i want to lobby for is the spread of this energy usage and bring it to the outer laying neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Putting solar panel units on homes could easily save hundreds of dollars which can be put back into the community.

      Public policy allows for individual homes to have solar, or wind power energy if is it visually pleasing. Certain communities have been telling homes to remove Dish TV units because it doesn't look goon on the homes. But on most houses a flat solar panel roofing would not cause any problems, nor would look bad at all.

      Scientists, engineers, and architects are all trying to promote and integrate clean energy into society. And i don't know of anyone strongly against having these attachments to their homes. However many legislative documents have been submitted for the use of clean energy. Just like hydro fracking, solar energy has been around for a while yet it feel there isn't much publicity. I want to get the idea out there and made a change in my neighborhood and other communities around Philadelphia.