Lobbying Topic - Solar Energy #2

        I put in some time researching the city officials that are in favor of implementing clean energy all over the city. I immediately stumbled across the Philadelphia Government Mayor's Office of Sustainability. It is a website devoted to Mayor Nutter's plans on making the city the number one clean city of the world. This included the Solar city partnership page. A pretty small page for something that's supposed to represent the entire city, or at least that's what i think. So i dug deeper and found the Greenwork Energy Word Press. Again it talks about Mayor Nutter and also other local and federal officials who celebrate the installation of the solar PV at the water pollution center. After digging a bit more I uncovered a handful of Facility Plant and Utilities Owners are in favor of green energy to their facilities. But few think about the surrounding cities itself. It was even claimed that the Philadelphia Water Department's Solar array could fuel 28 homes a year. Interesting. So i plan on contacting Nutter or even a secretary if possible and talk about our common interests in helping out the city. You know, the stuff that can't be found online.