Londyn Edwards Capstone

To view the website, photo albums, and bibliography, click this link: https://lonedwards.wixsite.com/londynslens

The website above showcases a photoshoot with the purpose of exploring teenagers’ relationship with self-image and self-love. The goal of this project was to show the subjects themselves through a different lens and, hopefully, invoke newfound feelings of confidence and spark a positive change in their self-image. I wanted to explore this topic further because self-love is something so many teenagers struggle with across the world. I, myself, struggle with the idea of loving and accepting myself for who I am, so this topic is very near to me. I also think that this is a centering topic that allows me to bring a lot of my passions into a single project that has the potential to help as many people as it can reach.

To view the website, visit lonedwards.wixsite.com/londynslens or click the link included at the top of this post.