Long Road Podcast

Episode 2: Literary Lenses

Group Members: Chris Jacobs, Kaleb Harris, Raven Tanpranadi, Tony Nelson, Yasir Thomas

In our second episode, we explained three literary lenses used in the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy, so far. They are Feminist, Marxism, and New Historic lenses. We noticed there is a lack of women within the book and there isn’t much of a social class. The author doesn’t give us any hints as to why things are this way so we took it upon ourselves to point these out and find our own answers.

Book References:

  • Page 195, a woman captured by three men (feminist lens)
  • Page 57, the mom (mentioned in the first episode)
  • Page 185, the dad about to get robbed (marxist lens)

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Maureen Kelly (Student 2021)
Maureen Kelly

you did such a nice job on this! i really liked how when you switched between lenses it was done smoothly and didn't feel like an abrupt transition. y'all seem really knowledgable about the book, good job :-)